Baltimorean Justice Thurgood Marshall and President JohnsonBaltimorean Justice Thurgood Marshall and President Johnson
Baltimore Steel WorkersBaltimore Steel Workers
Baltimore native Billie HolidayBaltimore native Billie Holiday
Baltimore writer H.L. MenkenBaltimore writer H.L. Menken
a nurse in a white hat and a white mask 1920a nurse in a white hat and a white mask 1920
Baltimore Inner Harbor 1977Baltimore Inner Harbor 1977
Baltimore Memorial StadiumBaltimore Memorial Stadium
Baltimore Mayor Kurt SchmokeBaltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke
Baltimorean Senator Barbara MilkulskiBaltimorean Senator Barbara Milkulski
Baltimore Covid-19Baltimore Covid-19



Baltimore 100 Years chronicles the people, events, industries and policies that shaped the city from 1920-2020. Our intention is to present the film in two episodes of approximately 90 minutes each. It begins with the end of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1920 and ends with the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. This documentary offers more than nostalgia. It will unveil stories that were forgotten, unknown or previously ignored. Stories that define and still impact us today. It will be rooted in deep research and presented in a thought-provoking and entertaining way. It is both an analysis and celebration of the past, with the goal of inspiring a better future.










Baltimore Jazz Drummer Chick WebbBaltimore Jazz Drummer Chick Webb

Baltimore 100 Years will illuminate the history of Baltimore’s Black population. A history that was not, and is not taught in most schools. It will celebrate Baltimoreans who led the civil rights movement both locally and nationally. And it will reveal how eugenicist urban policies from the past have contributed to today’s unprecedented racial wealth gap in Baltimore and throughout the country.

Baltimore row of buildings with boarded windows and boarded windowsBaltimore row of buildings with boarded windows and boarded windows
Baltimore protestors at City HallBaltimore protestors at City Hall
Baltimore 1968 RiotsBaltimore 1968 Riots
Kids playing ball on Baltimore StreetKids playing ball on Baltimore Street
a person walking through Baltimore sluma person walking through Baltimore slum


Baltimore 100 Years will use characterful interviews as the primary storytelling tool. Interviews will draw from a local community of independent and experienced journalists, authors, historians, community leaders, notable personalities, and everyday citizens. The series will be woven out of their insights, stories and deep understanding of the city’s history, character, and unique flair.

Shiela DixonShiela Dixon
Billy MurphyBilly Murphy
Jane MillerJane Miller
Rebecca HoffbergerRebecca Hoffberger
Kurt SchmokeKurt Schmoke

The cast includes Kurt Schmoke, Baltimore’s first elected black Mayor; Jayne Miller, former WBAL investigative journalist; Sheila Dixon, Baltimore's first female mayor, William H. Murphy, Jr., attorney and civil rights activist, Rebecca Hoffberger; founder of the American Visionary Art Museum; Philip J. Merrill African American author and historian; and Michael Olesker, Baltimore journalist and author. Interviews with many other notable Baltimoreans are planned.

Philip J. Merrill and his team at Nanny Jack & Company, LLC., play an important role in the series. He is a Baltimore native, renowned archivist, historian and author who was recently named by Governor Wes Moore to serve on the Maryland Commission for African American History and Culture. Philip has intimate knowledge and access to critical local archives, including those from the Baltimore Museum of Industry, the Maryland Center for History & Culture, Baltimore City Archives, the Baltimore Sun Newspaper, the AFRO American Newspaper, several local universities, as well as an extensive archive owned by his company.

a camera and some film reels and some film reelsa camera and some film reels and some film reels



Damaged and poor-quality archival media will be given new life through the use of artificial intelligence software. This cutting-edge technology will enhance and improve visual fidelity, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the past in ways that until recently was not possible.

AI enhanced boy in overalls and overalls, holding a tray of tin cansAI enhanced boy in overalls and overalls, holding a tray of tin cans
a boy in a hat and overalls stands in front of a stack of cansa boy in a hat and overalls stands in front of a stack of cans