Your support of this project can take many forms. Do you have an interesting story, old films or photographs that would be a good fit for the series? Is there a person who you think would be great for a filmed interview? Can you help spread the word about Baltimore 100 Years to grow the audience? Are you able to make a financial contribution or share the project with someone who could? If the answer to any these questions is yes, please use the contact page to get in touch with us.

We see Baltimore 100 Years as a community project with the potential to unite citizens from all walks of life. The film has been met with great enthusiasm from many local institutions and we invite further collaboration and partnerships from Baltimore's leaders, large corporations, small businesses, civic organizations, government agencies, foundations, individual donors and everyday citizens.

Making a tax deductible donation to the Baltimore 100 Years documentary film series is an opportunity to support the preservation of the city's rich history. Your support helps ensure that these stories are shared and celebrated for years to come.


Your tax deductible donation will be used to cover the production and marketing costs of the film. This includes expenses for script development, research, crew, filming locations, licensing of music and archival media, insurance, payroll, accounting, and post-production expenses, such as editing, sound design. Funds will also go towards marketing and distribution costs to ensure the film reaches a wide audience in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.


Baltimore 100 Years has secured a letter of intent to broadcast the film from a major television network affiliate in Baltimore upon completion of the series. Our goal is to debut the series in the fall of 2026 to correspond with the America 250 celebration. Major sponsors and underwriters have the opportunity to reach a potential audience of millions, both regionally, nationally and globally for many years to come.

We are happy to provide detailed budgets, demographic and financial information upon request from interested sponsors along with a customized proposal based on their goals and level of support.

Contact Stanley Preston of

Maryland Motion Pictures for information:


Baltimore City Hall 1930-1940Baltimore City Hall 1930-1940

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